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Prices includes delivery within Australia. For all Australian or international enquiries, please email Nat Weber - International Manager (nat.weber@nowetcarclean.com.au).
NoWet Will clean, polish, wax, seal and UV protect paintwork in ONE application.
Spray a fine mist onto a panel at a time - should only use about 90-100ml for a standard sized car.
We love to talk with you to discuss (talk) about the best options to suit your needs.

  • NoWet Detailling pack

    The all-in-one pack: 225ml Applicator & 1L refill & 2 microfibre cloths

    Order Now $60.00

  • NoWet Detailling Refill pack

    Double the refill! 225ml Applicator & 2L refill & 2 microfibre cloths

    Order Now $75.00

  • NoWet 1L Refill Bottle

    Need a refill that lasts for months? Two free microfibre cloths included

    Order Now $45.00

  • NoWet 4.5L Refill Bottle

    Commercial activities or just a big NoWet user? Also includes two free microfibre cloths

    Order Now $105.00

  • NoWet 375ml Refill Bottle

    For a quick refill! Comes with two free microfibre cloths.

    Order Now $19.00

  • NoWet Professional 1L Applicator

    No Need to empty after use ~ will last for decades

    Order Now $45.00

  • NoWet Applicator

    Filled applicator to try out NoWet, comes free microfibre cloths

    Order Now $23.00

  • 340ml NoWet Ultra Liquid Metal Polish

    Use NoWet after for lasting protection

    Order Now $19.00