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In 2010, NoWet Waterless CarClean Pty Ltd developed its high quality waterless carcleaning product, well suited for Australian and overseas markets.

The words NO WET have registered Trade Marks for Product and for the Service of Cleaning Vehicles.This can be expressed as NoWet® - No wet® - NO-WET® - NO WET® or any combination of these 2 words.
NoWet will clean, polish wax and UV Protect paintwork in one application. NoWet is a 100% friendly car cleaner and contains all organic ingredients.
NoWet is excellent on all hard surfaces; stainless steel, timber, plastic, vinyl rubber and more.

NoWet is available for mums & dads, individuals, professional carcleaning companies, car dealerships, Councils, Government Departments. Large and small size companies who look after their own fleet of vehicles NoWet is also available for the retail markets and as an industrial wholesale item. NoWet is now available for everybody without any fees or conditions. This is reflected in the low cost price to you.

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What We Offer

What exactly is NoWet Clean Car and how does the product work

The product

NoWet is an all-in-one waterless car cleaning product. It cleans, polishes, waxes, seals and UV protects vehicles in one application, without using water. It is excellent to use on any non-porous substance such as chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass, rubber, vinyl, plastic and tiles.

Where it comes from: Trade Marks

The Trade Marked NoWet® product was developed and is manufactured in Australia by NoWet CarClean for local and overseas markets. This trade mark is also registered for the service of cleaning vehicles.

Inside the product

NoWet is a genuinely 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, waterless car cleaner. It is made from all organic sources including kaolin clay and carnauba wax and also leaves a fine layer of UV protectant on the surface. NoWet saves water and stops polluted water from going into the environment.

Our Features


There are so many reasons to change to waterless cleaning.
How to clean

Spray a fine mist onto a panel, it will loosen and soak up the dirt particles. Gently wipe up and lightly buff to get the NOWET® deep brilliant shine. Just clean whenever you want or wherever you are./p>

Cleans and provides long-term protection

NoWet provides excellent protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation, acid rain, bugs, bird droppings, road grime, pollution, salt, oxidation and fading.

Not limited to cars only

NoWet is easy to use and produces brilliant results, improving the appearance and re-sale value of all types of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, boats, caravans, trucks, light aircraft, bicycles, jetskis and more.

Pioneers in Australia

NoWet is the pioneer in Australia to bring a waterless car cleaning product to market, far ahead of the rest. The public quickly started to recognise the effectiveness of the product, which allowed us to expand at an exponentional pace and improve our quality and service even more. When we launched NoWet in Australia, we were proud to receive accolades for NoWet and to receive recognition by The Environmental Council of Australia, Smart Approved WaterMark, and Water Industry Alliance.


The unique quality of NoWet has quickly been recognised by car professionals and government bodies.

Tasman Motorsport

Tasman Motorsport is proud to be associated with NoWet Waterless CarClean and has no hesitation in recommending the use of its products to anyone that demands a professional look and feel to their vehicle.

Brisbane City Council

The Brisbane City Council BAC Car Pool have been pleased with the results of NoWet, and are positive towards its continual use, as they have ceased using water to wash vehicles and improved the appearance of the vehicles.

Our Associations

We are proud to have been part of these evironmentally responsible associations

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Only use 90-100ml for a standard sized car.