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"The green revolution in car cleaning©"

What is NoWet?

What is NoWet?

NoWet is a revolutionary concept in car cleaning; A premium quality waterless car wash, polish, and wax that cleans and protects in one, easy application.

Our Products

Our Products

Not only does NoWet save water, but it is made from all natural ingredients, does not contain petroleum distillates, silicone, abrasives, harmful chemicals, or detergents.

You could see the dirt being lifted from the surface after the initial application and our biggest concern of scratching during the wipe off stage did not eventuate. The surface was beautiful and clean and had a deep shine that beaded in rain. - Brisbane Hinterland 4WD Tours
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NoWet® Waterless CarClean                                      
NoWet® Product Supply for easy DIY car cleaning & polishing and BULK wholesale supply for professional car detailers.

NoWet Waterless CarClean Pty Ltd  Product Supply Now available to the general public for easy DIY car cleaning and BULK wholesale supply for professional car detailers.

NoWet SALE is on now: Call 0422 568 030  - 24/7 or email
DIY NoWet Detailing Pack: $73 delivered to your door Australia wide.         
Reusable NoWet applicator with 225ml NoWet, 4 cloths and 1 Litre refill bottle, enough to clean and polish about 15 standard cars.  Refills available in 1 and 4 Litres.

Reusable NoWet Applicator
NoWet so easy to use: Spray a fine mist over a panel - gently wipe up the liquid with dirt encapsulated - Buff to a brilliant finish.
From Joss:"I received the delivery today and wanted to let you know, that I've just finished washing the car and it looks amazing!   I think I probably used more than I should have, but I guess I'll learn how to use it more sparingly with practice” Joss Wyndham Vale Victoria 31 July, 2015.

 For DYI and for Professional Car Detailing 
1 Litre applicator. Much easier to use, no need to empty and refill after use. Robust~Lasts for many, many years - please be aware the look alike garden sprayer is not suitable!

NoWet® DIY Waterless CarClean Supplies for the Enthusiast.              
NoWet for CarsCaravans & Motorcycle Enthusiasts and the Aircraft Industry

NoWert 5 in one, cleans, polishes, waxes, seals, protects paint work from bugs, bird droppings, road grime and UV radiation. Look for the trade marked NoWet® product - made in Australia - is environmentally friendly -  does not leave white residue, does not streak and has an almost unlimited shelf life. NoWet gives the best lasting shine and protection. 

NoWet, the green revolution in car detailing, The quality of NoWet is second to none with its up-to-date bio degradable ingredients.

NoWet Australia wide: Perth, Albany, Broom, Darwin, Alice Spring, Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Melbourne, Geelong, Broken Hill, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Gold Coast - no matter where. The solution for dry areas and all remote country towns. Detailer Pack at $73 delivered to you !  

NoWet Trade Marks can only be used by companies for on-selling and professional car detailing, who have written authority from NoWet Waterless CarClean Pty Ltd.  NoWet product is available to the public Australia wide. 
NoWet Waterless CarClean Pty Ltd is NOT responsible for any action and liabilities of NoWet Waterless CarClean (International) Pty Ltd. 

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